Our Team

Cousin’s Freight is a small family owned business with years of transportation and logistics experience.  We know how to get it there. Trust Cousin’s Freight with your shipment and be absolutely sure that you’re getting some of the best people in the industry working for you.

Our biggest strength is our small size.  We don’t suffer from the “Red Tape” of larger companies. If a decision needs to be made, rest assured we can make it quickly. Turnaround time for administrative tasks is greatly reduced and accuracy is greatly increased because paperwork has fewer desks to pass. That’s the way we do it for you, our customer.

We’ll organize everything needed to complete the move so you can rest assured that your shipment will make its destination using the most reliable means for the lowest cost.  

In this industry, it’s all about trust. Everything we do is done to build trusting relationships between us and you, our valued client.  Every mile your cargo travels on schedule reinforces that trust; the very cornerstone of our business.  We take every step to ensure that you are satisfied with your results so that the next time…and every time after that, Cousin’s Freight will be the name you rely on to get the job done.  

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